ECMAScript 6 (ES6) guide


I want to share with you some thoughts, snippets of code and tell you a little about the upcoming ES6. It’s my own road to know it before it will be a standard.

You might have noticed about ES6 a lot lately. This is because the standard is targeting ratification in June 2015.

See draft - ECMAScript 2015

ECMAScript 2015 is a significant update to the language. Previous (ES5) was standardized in 2009. Frameworks like AngularJS, Aurelia, ReactJS, Ionic start using it today.

ES6 includes a lot of new features:

  • arrows
  • classes
  • enhanced object literals
  • template strings
  • destructuring
  • default + rest + spread
  • let + const
  • iterators + for..of
  • generators
  • unicode
  • modules
  • module loaders
  • map + set + weakmap + weakset
  • proxies
  • symbols
  • subclassable built-ins
  • promises
  • math + number + string + object APIs
  • binary and octal literals
  • reflect api
  • tail calls

I will try to describe each of these in the next stories, so stay updated.

Thanks to the use of transpilers (Babel, Traceur and others) we can actually use it right now until browsers fully catch up.

Browser support matrix

ES6 Repl in Chrome Devl Tools - Scratch JS

Future is bright.

People from the community denounced these words. I have only one to add: we can handle it easily!